If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Monday, 20 February 2012

Hiatus ...

... or pause, or lacuna, or whatever you like to call it. I'm having trouble signing in to Blogger, so if you don't hear from me I haven't cashed in my chips. I'm just sitting here in Nowhere Towers chewing through the straps in frustration. If this post gets published, there is a roundabout way to post, although not to log in, strangely.

Stay with it.


  1. Hiatus, but hopefully not a hiatus hernia.

    Yup, you're back broadcasting again Richard.

    But you've changed (for the worse) the human-identifier software.

    If you can, please revert back to the easier-to-read previous version.

  2. You must have chewed through the straps because your post worked.

    I have found that all of the Blogger blogs I comment on that used to have one captcha word now have the two hard to read ones. I think it is something blogger changed internally and I am actually thinking of deleting the captcha option and taking my chances with spam.

  3. And all these years I thought lacuna meant loophole (which it kinda does in the legal sense).

    Your post caused me to re-educate myself on my dubious latin.

  4. And I thought it was a sort of froggy motor. It's why I drop into educational blogs.

  5. Or educational bogs. Like wot this one is.

    The new 'captcha' thing is not my doing. I hate it. It seems that we are not alone, so I will go along and add my voice to those demanding a return to sanity.

    Tro, I may well do the same thing. People are saying that comment numbers are down as folk are finding it hard to read. That's surely an own goal for Blogger. The old one worked perfectly well. In fact, since the new system came in my spam has increased noticeably.

    I like 'lacuna' as a word. Technically, it refers to a missing part of a manuscript or other written work, but it has wonderful metaphorical uses. How else would a classically-educated chap refer to the missing memory of a drunken evening? And, of course, the correct plural is essential. We can talk about 'forums', but never 'lacunas'. It will always be 'lacunae'.


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