If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Monday, 24 October 2011

People's Pledge

I have signed the People's Pledge. They ask all signatories to pass on the following message, which I do gladly, as it saves writing a whole post explaining something that I think most people 'get' anyway.

I have just signed up to the People's Pledge, a new campaign that will force MPs to give us a referendum on our relationship with the EU.

The People's Pledge is supported by people with a wide range of views on the EU: those who are enthusiastic about British membership, those who are sceptical and those who actively seek to leave the EU. The campaign is cross party too, with supporters from all the main political parties.

Please add your name to theirs.

Go to http://www.peoplespledge.org/ and sign up to add your name to others in your constituency who want their MP to support a referendum on our EU membership. You will also be able to see whether your MP has yet pledged their support for a referendum, along with details of how they voted on every major EU-related issue over the last few years.

Remember, many MPs have majorities of just a few hundred votes, so every person that signs the People's Pledge WILL make a difference.

I urge you to go and sign. Whether you are pro or anti the EU, I feel that the issue will never be resolved unless and until the British people are asked their opinion and can express it, one way or the other. What we have is not what I and many others voted for in 1975, and anyone under the age of 54 has not been asked their opinion at all. This is possibly the biggest issue of our times, as it relates not to one style of government or another, but whether we govern ourselves or are governed by an unelected and self-selected elite in another country. It's beyond party politics and goes to the very nature of who we are.

If a change to the minor detail of our voting system is worth a referendum, then surely we cannot be denied our voice on this.


  1. Signed!

    I just hope it's not a quasi-Stasi fishing expedition for names, postal & e-mail addresses of all the awkward buggers in the UK.

  2. Let's hope not. At least there's safety in numbers.


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