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- George Washington

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Parish Notice

Apologies for the lack of posting recently. This four-on-four-off shift pattern is playing hell with my life-outside-work. On a work day, I am at work for 12 hours. OK, 12½ if you count the shift handover (and paid, of course, 11½ hours to take account of the meal breaks that I never seem to get). Then add 30 minutes' travel time each way, an hour for a meal and 8 hours for sleeping, and there isn't much time left for other activity - messing with the bike, blogging, and so on. I'm still reading a lot of other people's blogs, but by the time I get the chance to put something down of my own, the moment has passed, everything worthwhile has been said elsewhere, and there's no point. And of course the motorcycling part of my life has been a boring old commute with little to raise any interest - although I sometimes think that, without a bit of biking in my day, I would go crackers. Add to that the network settings at work, which mean that I cannot log in properly to Blogger (I can write new posts but not edit them and, curiously, cannot comment on my own blog), and writing a post from work is ... well ... work, rather than play.

This is why my posts over the last few months have come in bursts: I get a few days off, and I get a kind of blogging diarrhoea. Sorry bout that.

In addition, Nowhere Towers has been utter chaos for the last three weeks, of which more in another post. So the free time and the calm to read, reflect, and write has not been forthcoming. The chaos is likely to last another week at least.

Stay with me.


  1. I await with interest. I wonder if it is major building works? In the meantime I hope the shift pattern gets better.

  2. Take your time Richard, your readers prefer quality to quantity.

    Nursing a Blog is like Virtual-Motherhood; once it's born, it has to be constantly succoured.

  3. Minor building works, but occurring simultaneously all over the house, so highly disruptive. Will post on this next, because I need to let off some steam. The shift pattern won't change unless I change my job, but although I complain I don't mind it really. Four 12-hour shifts are followed by 4 days off, and I'm not stopping that :)

    Thank you, Joe. Although I prefer the spelling 'suckered'.

  4. I know how you feel Richard, I work 4/4 13 hour shifts too. Leave home at 5.30am and get back at 7.40pm, after a daily 42 mile round trip and average about 5 hours sleep. The 4 days off are sweet though.

  5. Indeed. My hours are 4 days, 4 off, 4 nights, 4 off. Leave home 5.30 (either end of the day) and get back 7.00 ish. 20 minute commute. It buggers the body clock something rotten and is probably shortening my lifespan. But, as you say, the 4 days off are great. TBH, I couldn't go back to a 9-5 after this.

  6. Still here, old chap.

    Was going to say, "Take your time...", but you seem to have resumed normal service already!

  7. Thanks, Endo! Yes, getting there ...


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