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- George Washington

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Latest Blackberry Out(r)age

From the BBC:
The "issues" left many Blackberry owners only able to text and make calls.
Er, and the problem is ... ?


  1. "Only able to text and make calls."
    Er, like my mobile phone.

    Mind you, I don't pay the horrendous monthly bills that most "Smart Phone" owners do...

  2. It's the bits of a Smartphone that make it 'smart' that they're missing - Internet access and the BBM system, the Blackberry Messenger function that proved so useful in the riots.

    Without those, they have... well, just a mobile phone. Like their grandad's one... ;)

  3. I confess to having an iPhone 3G. I've had it a year and I am still unconvinced. It's not very good at being a phone (too quiet, bad at grabbing a signal) and the camera is appalling, but I like the way it synchronises with Outlook and I've got used to having my diary and contacts list in my pocket. I like the big screen, but don't like the touchscreen functioning. So I am 50/50 about it. I don't use the internet function and the apps I have are not essential to my life. I suppose Gas Cubby is quite useful. My favourite phone ever was a Nokia 6310i - I have two, very similar to MD's NEC. Brilliant as a phone (calls, text) and nothing else.

    So yes, my remarks were tongue-in-cheek. I know what the protesters were missing. I just think it's sad that people feel it's worth getting angry about.

  4. According to the Telegraph one Blackberry user was so distressed with the outage she tweeted "like might as well chop my right arm off".

    My phone is at least 7 years old yet still does several things that I do not require of it, it also has the advantage of not being registered. I expect that MI6 will remotely detonate it someday.

  5. An unregistered phone? That's dangerous. You might have a unapproved conversation on it. Best throw it on the fire and hope no-one noticed.

  6. Geez, that is all my phone does - text and make calls. No camera, no Internet, no smart phone. I feel so deprived. No wait, I don't, it still works.

  7. "No camera, no Internet, no smart phone. I feel so deprived. No wait, I don't"

    Me neither - it's good to know I'm not the only one!

    "It still works."

    Like my NEC G9. Which also has an extending aerial to pull in a signal where others don't. I rebuilt the battery pack with readily available commercial sized NiMH cells, although it's held on with 2" black insulation tape...

  8. "Like my NEC G9. Which also has an extending aerial ..."

    *stifles giggle* ;)

  9. Actually, that last bit about the aerial reminds me of my second-favourite Tweet on the death of Steve Jobs:

    "Are we sure he's really dead? It might just be that someone's holding him wrong..."

  10. I'm all in favour of traditional, proven technology, although Microdave's steampunk version of the iPhone is possibly taking things a little far. But I know where he's coming from. I think I might put the SIM back in the old 6310i for a day or two, just for old times' sake. At least I could make and receive calls with it where I work.

    Julia - that is just too good. It's not even a snork. It's a BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    (BTW, what was your actual favourite?)

  11. "Which also has an extending aerial ..."

    Or as Ken Frost would say "Erection....Can I say erection?"

    (BTW, what was your actual favourite?)

    I've just seen this:

    "Microsoft users have been proven right for once. They always said Steve Jobs couldn't build a computer to save his life."

    I guess I'm going to hell for that...

  12. "BTW, what was your actual favourite?"

    Oh, that was 'Has anyone tried pressing and holding in his belly button? He might reset!'

  13. Oh you are baaaaaaaaaaad people!

  14. Not half as bad as some of the other Jobs "jokes" I've seen...

  15. Big Jobs - selling shit since 1976.



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