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- George Washington

Saturday, 1 October 2011

146 Bikers - Would You?

Lovely stunt set up to advertise beer.

Funnily enough, my Dad, who was the most conventional guy you could meet, though bikers were great. All because one day, in Thirsk in North Yorkshire, we had a flat tyre in our Triumph Herald, smack in the middle of the marketplace. Two huge burly bikers (I guess they would have been early Rockers as this was about 1960) approached and basically took over, changing the wheel and stowing the flat back in the boot, smiling at my Mum, and then leaving with "no problem, mate, glad to help".


  1. That's absolutely brilliant! Nice one! :)

  2. Great find, Richard.

    Ambush Marketing that Seb Coe & Co can't ban.

  3. Sorry Richard but l stole it ... couldn't resist! :)

  4. Like all the best ads, it makes its point without flashy gimmicks.

  5. Glad you all liked it. Of course you can pinch it, SH - how do you think I came by it?

  6. Haha that was a great advert!


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