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- George Washington

Friday, 16 September 2011

What about a Bin-By Date?

There's a whole lot of hoo-hah going on at the moment about the supposedly confusing sell-by, display-by, best before and use-by dates. Apparently, people don't understand them and they are going to be simplified. Yet another example of government interference producing a result which was never intended.

Longrider says all I would wish to say on the subject, but I would add just one thought:

Why is Man the only species on the planet that needs a use-by date on his food in order to know it is safe?


  1. Odd how they always describe us as "confused" whenever they want to change things instead of admitting that it was they who screwed things up in the first place.
    It is those dates that are overwhelmingly responsible for food waste, not wastrel consumers.

  2. Why?
    Simple really man invented government, realised it was a bad thing but was making too much money from it to do the decent thing and knock it on the head.

    Other than that its a distraction just like the Fluoride announcement from Lansley.
    "Look over here you plebs"
    If terrorism still scared people we would have had an 'twin tower anniversary' blast to divert attention from the reality.

    That reality is that the liblabcon know the Euro is finished and if the Euro is finished then the current incarnation of the EU is too so the liblabcon need an escape route. The realisation is only just dawning though hence the 'look at me stories' in the MSM,

  3. "Why is Man the only species on the planet that needs a use-by date on his food in order to know it is safe?"

    Probably a combination of refrigeration, imports, and mass-production and factory techniques that have removed the urban dwellers from the knowledge of farms and gardens.

    Plus some people have a very poor sense of smell - have you smelled what people PAY for to make themselves smell "better"?

  4. I suspect it's the same as with the planned changes to MOT procedures. It's an EU ruling in the pipeline and rather than the govt having to admit that they're caving in to the EU (again)they just bring out the changes early and say it's their idea. Cynical ? Moi ? Oui.

  5. My God, you are a cynical lot! Can't you just accept that these people are doing it all for our own good?


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