If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Rant of the Day

... comes from Old Holborn. It's an unfashionable view, but it needs saying.

Ever since the State decided that it would reward parents for producing future economic units to tax, the decline of the family has been carefully planned. An army of “experts” have been trained to supersede the family unit. Nursery workers, teaching assistants, social workers, diversity coordinators. All on the State payroll and ready to whisk your newborn off and into the arms of others whilst you concentrate on working 60 hours a week to pay for it all.


Where once a family was a strong bond that stayed together, taught and nurtured, protected and cared, the chosen model is now either the single parent on benefits, sucking greedily at the teat of the State, or the overworked two parent model, desperate to climb the greasy pole of materialism, out do the neighbours on the Barretts estate who throw their 6 week old infantsearest [?] nursery at 7am so they can power breakfast with colleagues to hit this quarters sales targets (and the reward? A trip with the kids to Disneyland, Paris)


Our children are farmed out to strangers so we can work harder and pay more taxes. Our parents are farmed out to care homes so our daily routines are not disturbed and the army of State workers have employment doing what used to be the responsibility of the family.


Children are the only thing you will leave on this earth, your most treasured creation on your short visit to this life. Enjoy them; leave the BMW, the Golf course, the Gym, the Next catalogue. You won’t lie on your death bed worrying about missed sales targets or promotions, it won’t be your work colleagues mopping your brow, it’ll be the people you brought into this world. If you have taught them that iPads and manicured lawns are more important than devotion and love, fitted bedroom suites are more important than manners and that you didn’t have time to care for them because the State enabled you to be selfish, expect a bitter harvest and the cheapest headstone. You’ll have earned it.
Go and read the whole thing.


  1. The latest is the "free" schools, all pupils must talk with a plum-in-the-mouth accent, all being groomed for post democratic governance, you know, the ones born to lead.
    I could be wrong.

  2. I'm not sure where you get this idea from. That's not how I understand it.

  3. Or me ! As I understand it the idea of Free Schools has some in government...and plenty more in the teaching profession...worried sick that it will show up the state education system for bloated, money-grubbing common-purpose riddled shambles it is.

    Worried even more that the at the lack of LEA control...sorry "accountability"...in case they deviate too far from politically correct doctrine. The kids just might start to think for themselves and who the hell knows where that might end up. Oh noes !


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