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- George Washington

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Some biker thoughts ...

From the facebook page of the local bad-ass biker/charity fund-raising group, a post by a chap called Nigel Brace. He's encouraging people to put it in their Facebook statuses, so I'm sure he won't mind my pinching it for here. Read it in the context of Sunday's rider protests, as posted here over the last few days.
To all the irate car drivers abusing bikers nationwide today, may I paint you a picture? Imagine being told that you had to use OE [original equipment, i.e. made and supplied by the manufacturer - GFGN] parts every time your car needed attention. Bye bye Halfords, Kwik Fit, etc. Imagine being regularly stopped by the police when you were out driving perfectly legally, for them to check you hadn't tampered with your vehicle or fitted any non-standard parts. Imagine being told that you were forbidden to drive unless you were wearing a certain colour clothing. ... Imagine having the control of your vehicle taken out of your hands and trusted to a computer. Imagine being told that your 7 year old car, your pride and joy, was now forbidden from entering towns and cities. This is the reason you were held you up for 20 minutes yesterday throughout the country. Be under no misunderstanding, the bikers are the first in line for draconian EU interference. If we fall, it will be a domino effect. Support us now, Bikers are fighting so that you wont have to.
Convinced yet?


  1. "Imagine being told that your 7 year old car, your pride and joy, was now forbidden from entering towns and cities."

    This appears to be the case in Germany now with the green disc system, although motorcycles do not appear to be caught by this (presumably because there is not always a place to stick it, a sit where).

  2. Interesting. The most recent development is in France, where the proposal to ban older bikes from certain towns and cities is close to enactment. Although I don't agree, I can see the reasoning behind most of these EU measures, but this one baffles me. What on earth could be achieved from banning older bikes, that could not be achieved tenfold by banning older cars? It looks like blatant discrimination, an attempt to make biking so inconvenient that people give it up.

    As eny fule kno, if a city full of cars became a city full of bikes of whatever age, there would be less pollution and zero congestion. Bikes are the solution, not the problem.


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