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Friday, 30 July 2010

MAG Bike Show

Tomorrow, MAG (Motorcycle Action Group) have a bike show in Aberystwyth. I will be there helping to man the Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club stand. We're meeting in Aber at 8 am, so that will be an early start for me.

It will be held at Aberystwyth Rugby Club over Saturday and Sunday. I'll be on the TOMCC stand for most of the time, trying to drum up some new members, but I hope to get a bit of time to look round the show. If I see anything interesting, I'll take a photo and post it here.

If you're in the area, drop in and say Hi.


  1. I'm living at the moment in much fear of motorcycle action. I see the local bike shop - Solicitors and Notaries I call them - come in and sign your own death warrant - have an XJ900 for sale - cheap.

    I say to myself - far too late in the season - ancient bike - daft idea - don't do it man. That XJ600 that you started out on twenty years ago was fun though wasn't it - and the 9 is a shaft drive - no Scottoiler needed - get you trained up again for the jump to hyperspace next year with, say, a year-old FJR 13 - I say to myself.

  2. Solid bike, well-regarded, easily repaired, right price - what are you waiting for? The only possible reason might be that the price will fall as autumn approaches, but then you will have missed the summer.

    Go for it, man!

  3. Just want a need. The Voice of the Anticonscience.

    (But that's why you posted yer thoughts on Richard's site yah bam - to hear such words of wisdom).

    You know, I never was just a fair-weather biker -used to pound around Argyll in December - three pairs of gloves, no heated grips, and no feeling in my arms never mind my hands after twenty minutes...

    Happy days.

  4. Happy days indeed. I think having and riding a motorcycle gives me more pleasure in life than almost anything else. That's why I am always encouraging people to get into it - especially ex-addicts like yourself. It's so easy to fall off the wagon, especially if the temptation is affordable and tasty.

  5. Well, I am booked for a two-hour refresher session tomorrow afternoon with the shop in question to see if I can still go around corners without fallng off. Or even in straight lines.

    After that, we shall see. They have a nice looking CBR 11 - it's old, high mileage for a bike, and black. A bike should be black. Also, I'm fairly high mileage meself. Do as a (re-)starter bike eh?

  6. Go Jim!

    Good luck with the refresher. I should have done one of these when I returned to biking after 10 years off - it would have saved a lot of re-learning and built my confidence more quickly.

    The CBR is a Honda, so high miles shouldn't matter unless it has been badly neglected. I wouldn't be put off by high mileage unless there was evidence of abuse or neglect as well. And it's black; nuff said.

    Good luck with it.


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