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- George Washington

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Family Matters

I will be travelling to the frozen wastes of Lincolnshire tomorrow to see daughter No. 2, and from there to the wilds of East Angular to see daughter No, 1, before returning to Nowhere Towers on Tuesday. Total round trip about 800 miles. Blogging will therefore be intermittent, or even non-existent, for a few days.

As I have stuff to carry, and may be required to perform unspecified transportation duties while I am away, I will be going in the car. With regret.

The biker friends I visited in Denmark last year are coming over to stay for a while next week. We have an area of paddock for them to camp on, and I'm hoping the weather will be good. It's blowing a hooley at the moment, and raining cats and dogs, so it needs to improve significantly.


  1. This matter of hooleys being blown has preoccupied me greatly of late insofar as it relates to my domestic arrangements in a time of prolonged warm weather.

    I present the solution here:


  2. Thank you Jim for a good chuckle. Readers, I recommend that you visit the link above, to find out about the metaphysics of fresh air ventilation.

    (Permalink is here.)

  3. Thank you Richard. My plans, mentioned in my reply to you elsewhere, for the healthy-eating bottomless frying pan will be laid before the world shortly. Its rationale, though obvious, will require detailed exposition.


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