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Monday, 3 August 2009

And on the other hand ...

There's France. And Italy. And Switzerland. And those lovely lumpy bits between them.

Advantages of a French Raid:
  • More exciting and interesting
  • Fulfils the 'get away from it all' function better
  • Strangely, shorter distance (yes, I've looked at the UK coast, and there is a lot of it)
  • Crossing the Channel (always liked ferries; chance to try the Tunnel)
  • Weather, and therefore camping comfort
  • Food, drink, people
  • Chance to give the Honda a really good leg-stretch
  • Pose potential, before, during and after.
I've been looking at a UK road atlas, and if I were to really trace the UK coastline (as opposed to motor around the main roads by the sea) it would be an immense undertaking. Even taking Nick Sanders' rule of 'no travelling down dead ends', there is just so much road there. It's a bit like walking the dog: I reckon that when I walk the dog, there is about a 10:1 ratio between my distance covered and his. For this expedition, there would be about 10 miles of road for every mile of country travelled. If that makes sense.

Plus it's tanking it down again outside.

France, hmmmmmmmmmmm.

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