If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Sunday 1 January 2012


From the Grauniad:
The Labour party has made a "serious complaint" to the BBC about a lack of political balance in its news coverage as it attempts to reinvigorate Ed Miliband's leadership and counter what it sees as widespread media bias in favour of the David Cameron-led coalition.
I have no words.


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.....

    Wait. He's serious.

  2. Well, then, I shall write to the BBC about its the disgraceful attempts to spin old papers when the 30-yr rule revealed that the Toxteth Riots had been discussed in cabinet.

    The BBC positioned this as if the cabinet had suggested building a wall round the place and waiting until they ate their own babies.

    In fact, all that Howe had done was to point out that the city had to come to terms with changing economic realities - as did everywhere else - and that they weren't the only people in need of support. The BBC also failed to point out that in spite of this, Liverpool was given preferential treatment on the basis of its willingness to burn the property of innocent people.

  3. Agreed. Thatcher read a paper in which something was mentioned became "Thatcher wanted to". The £15 regeneration money that followed the riots was hardly mentioned. The BBC is a joke.

  4. "I have no words."

    I was thinking of "Pot, Kettle, Black"....

  5. Edit to my earlier comment - I meant, of course, £15m, not £15. There are so many jokes to be made here that I can't pick one.

  6. Funnily enough, "reinvigorate" and "leadership" are not words that immediately spring to mind if Rorschach-tested with a picture of Ed Milliband. Not as long as "supine", "pointless", "total charisma bypass" and "who?" exist in the English language.


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