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- George Washington

Tuesday 31 January 2012

That Moment When ...

... you realise that the world is spinning off into some misty and inexplicable future, and is leaving you far behind.

What the fucking fuck are 'treggings'?


  1. They're like Jeggings, but sign-written by a dyslexic.


  2. I had exactly that thought when my daughter expressed a high degree of satisfaction with some "jeggings".

    As a conscientious father, I did wonder if I should be having firm words with someone. Or perhaps their son. But they turned out to be some leggings that looked like jeans. Or jeans that looked like leggings. One of the two, anyway.

    I guess "treggings" are leggings that look like trousers? Or trousers that look like leggings? Of course, for me, trousers are things that cover your legs. So "trousers that look like leggings" would be, err, leggings...?

    Now we just need to work out what leggings are.

    I'll stick to easy-to-understand stuff, I think. Pass that knurled flange-bracket, would you...

  3. Things which make your bum look big, even if it isn't.

  4. Thank you all for your contributions to my education. I think I have it now. Once we had leggings (close-fitting stretchy leg-coverings. We also had what we used to call skinny jeans. The extreme forms of skinny jeans were jeans-leggings and therefore jeggings, but these by definition had to be styled as jeans and made of denim. Now we have leggings styled as ordinary trizers, so these are termed trouser-leggings or treggings. It's easy with a logical approach (and a detailed search of Google images).

    However, they can only be worn by the ultra-slim, or the wearer risks looking like a condom stuffed with Blu-Tac. To paraphrase WOAR, the ends don't always justify the jeans.

    And whatever happened to Capri pants? They were nice.

  5. What will they think of next? I for one won't wear jeggings or treggings.

    I'll stick with my jeans and yoga pants, thank you.

    Treggings is a new one though. I haven't heard of it in the USA yet. I say yet, because you know it will arrive at our shores at some point.

  6. I've heard of 'jeggings', but never these....

  7. Arr, bless 'em. Mark's 'n' Sparx trying to appeal to the type of todays teens that never set foot in there unless forced to accompany granny when she needs taking shopping to replenish her stock of big knickers.

  8. Ever dashed out downtown and then suddenly realised its drafty round the nethers? You've probably either forgotten to put your undipants on or, as I often do, put them on OVER your jeans like superman, Doh! What you need is Jants, treans and trickers, so that whatever the fk you've forgotten to put on, its already there for you. Jants, Treans and Trickers, the underoverpants for the dipstick in YOUR life.

  9. Hogdayafternoon - wonderful! :-D

  10. Love it! There is, of course, the 'commando' alternative.

  11. Otherwise known as 'freeballing'.

    Or so my friends tell me.

  12. As Ian Hunter once sang: "Whatever happened to dignity?". Is there a normal human being in the world who wouldn't be at least slightly embarrassed to ask a shop assistant for something called "Treggings"?

  13. Of Mott The Hoople? Heck, that's going back a bit!

    Agreed. No-one could ask for treggings with a straight face. Just like I can never stop sniggering when assistants in gents' outfitters say things like "this is a very fine trouser, Sir."

    Not that I have much experience of that.

  14. This literally had me laughing out loud.
    Sorry, lol.


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