If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

About me, and why I do this

I was born in Yorkshire (Northern England, UK), and grew up in Leeds, which is still the best city I know.  I went to University in Wales, trained as a teacher, and worked all around the North of England.  I came to Wales for a job, and ended up staying here.  I left teaching owing to illness in 1995, and since then I have had a variety of jobs - call centre management, commercial training, Health and Safety and (my current gig) security work.

I rode my first motorcycle at the age of about 13, and bought my first one when I was 18.  I've had bikes ever since, although there have been two periods when I have been bikeless: once when the children were small, and once when I was ill and couldn't balance on two feet, never mind two wheels.  I own a car, but only use it when I have to; the bike is the preferred mode of transport under almost all circumstances.  Only ice, fog, and the need to carry either a load or passengers puts me back on four wheels.  On a bike, even a routine shopping trip is a small adventure, a slice of fun and escape in a dull day.

Riding a motorbike is more than just a method of transport.  As soon as the wheels start to roll and you have the balance of the machine under you, there is a feeling of freedom and autonomy that you just don't get with a car.  I'd hesitate to say it was a spiritual experience, but it comes close.  Two of my favourite quotations are:

Four wheels move the body; two wheels move the soul.

On a motorcycle, no-one ever asks "Are we there yet?"

I have a wife (second marriage) with whom I am very happy, and two grown-up daughters, who make me more proud than I have any right to be.

Why I blog

I like the sound of my own voice.

I like to get things off my chest.

Sometimes I read or see things that outrage me, and I want to share the rage.

Sometimes I read or see things that make me laugh, and I want to share them too.

I like motorcycles and riding them, and I like to share that too.

Sometimes I think I have something useful to say.

I don't expect to be taken seriously.

Sometimes, it's just bollocks.  Really.

If you don't like any of that, you are free to leave.  The man at the door will refund your entrance fee in full.
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