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- George Washington

Saturday 21 January 2012

Deep Clean

From the BBC:
The neo-natal ward at Belfast's Royal Jubilee Hospital is undergoing a deep clean this weekend, following the deaths of three babies from a bacterial infection.
There was a time when hospital wards had a deep clean every day. It was called a ... well, a 'clean'.

And people worried about the complaint they went in with, not the infection they might come home with.


  1. A 'deep clean' is distinguished by costing a sum of money that suggests they are using hand-spun cashmere mops and Chanel no. 5 - either that or the scrubbing is being done by Angelina Jolie and Will Smith.

    Not surprisingly, much of this work is contracted-out; it would be interesting to know who heads the organisations which benefit.

    1. De3ep-cleaning of hospitals used to be the routine, not some special procedure to be trotted out after something went wrong. It costs money. It also costs airlines money to maintain their aircraft when it would be cheaper not to, but they seem to manage it.

      For me, the problem is not contracting-out per se, but the monitoring of cleanliness by the hospital itself. I will give an example in another post, but the fault lies with putting targets ahead of common sense.


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