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- George Washington

Friday 4 February 2011

Welsh Signage Again

From the National Botanical Garden of Wales:

I thought 'Tacsi' for 'Taxi' was a little redundant, but this is Cracers.


  1. The lower one is actually placed there because Welsh people are shorter in stature....

  2. Truly don't know how you put up with it.

  3. Nikos - of course! How silly of me not to realise. It's all those years being used as pit props. It's not a language thing, it's a disability thing.

    Smoking - although I might be expected to object to all the bilingual stuff, I am fairly relaxed about it. I only post ones that amuse me or which seem bizarre in some way. It's only when you live here for a while that you realise that the English can be pretty arrogant about it all. It's their language, after all, and they were speaking it before the Anglo-Saxons came.

    But I still reserve the right to find a garage advertising 'egsosts' and 'brecs' funny.


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