If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Thursday 3 February 2011

The Star of London

OK, OK, I had a look and I couldn't resist. The guy is a comic genius.

All four:






  1. Ok, just watched the rest of them. Mrs Jim shouting at me from the kip down the hall where I sent her to be quiet for a change that she has a mad laughing husband what's it all about.

  2. l say make him Prime Minister and l'm sure he'd chose a Cabinet that we could be proud of. Top man!

  3. That was priceless, I loved the bit about the French empty pages in history. You can't beat forces humour, thanks.

  4. Hmmm. The Yeoman Warder or Jeremy Clarkson?

    Tough one. I'd go for the Warder. Common sense anda bit of battle experience. Ideal for No. 10.

    (On offensiveness, I loved the remarks about the Crown Jewels in the last one. Ladies. He. Does. Not. Want. To. Be. There.)

  5. That guy is a genius!!

    In a small way he reminds me of my French teacher - who was getting on and definitely NOT politically correct (the term didn't even exist back then). He knew that languages weren't very popular, and on many occasions (when it was obvious we weren't paying attention), he would change the subject completely and talk about sport or life during the war. This quickly re-engaged our interest. That sort of real world knowledge is largely lacking now...

  6. Yes, I had teachers like that. It was the way teachers used to be - well, the more talented of them. There were still the copy-out-the-notes-boy type when I was at skool, but I had a few inspirational ones like the one you mention. More learning was done outside the syllabus than in it. Stuff you remembered, stuff that mattered.

  7. New follower here by way of All Seeing Eye.

    This is fantastic, both educational and absolutely hilarious!

  8. Hi Christopher, welcome and thanks for following. Hope you find something you like here.

  9. Richard, Thanks and as to your question it would seem I already have.

    I have added you to my blogroll and a standing open invite to my site if you so wish.

    I am an American but stand with my free-thinking brethren in the UK such as All Seeing Eye, Catosays, Barking Spider, Banned, Captain Ranty,Underdogs Bite,,,,,

    Just so you know I am sick to my stomach the way our moslem-in-chief Hussein Obama is treating the British especially with the latest development regarding the Russians and your Trident Missiles, God help us all.

    Keep up the good work on your side of the pond and I so want to take the tour above with just that soldier! Cheers and good health!

  10. Thank you Christopher! I know I have several American 'regulars', but they are mainly of the biking persuasion. Good to have someone on board who shares the political slant as well. With your new caring-sharing President, and our legacy of 13 years of Labour, we have a lot in common.


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