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Friday 16 March 2012

Art film project - can you help?

Last May, I posted about a visit to Aberglasney Gardens and an encounter with Glenn Ibbitson, an artist who had an exhibition there at the time of our visit. I wrote this about his work:
Two local artists, Glenn Ibbitson and Carole King (no, not that Carole King) had their work on show and it was fabulous. I got chatting to Glenn and it turns out he is a Leeds lad (like me) and spent a lot of time in Hull (like I have). He's about my age, but the years didn't match, so there were no "ah, that must have been you!" moments. He's another 'ex-biker' - got as far as a Honda Superdream and then moved to London and never looked back. His work ranged from superbly-drawn landscapes to semi-impressionist interiors, and I liked it all. That's from someone who is very wary of 'modern art' - the man can paint, and paint extremely well.
Glenn has recently been in touch and is looking for support (OK, financial support) for a new venture into film-making. This was his message to me:
My latest fine art project is a video entitled ‘TATSUKO’. Based on a true story, it has been shot largely in black and white and is a silent film.

Its provisional release date is June 1st, 2012

Please take a couple of minutes to watch the trailer.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET9F5OkuIds (trailer embedded below)

With a running time of about 40 minutes, the video has proved too long to be considered for Wales Arts Council funding; too short for Wales Film Agency grants…!

So far, work has proceeded through the goodwill of the small production team, but as the video is enters its post-production phase, money is sought to pay for:

A] a Soundtrack. This is being scored by award-winning musician Wyn Lewis Jones, but this process incurs sound recording studio costs.

B] the publishing of a Book, which traces the film’s development from initial inception to final cut; comprising film stills, storyboards, location schedules, interviews and notes.

C] Marketing: through the national and international film festival network. Entry thereto is dependent upon submissions fees.

I have decided to seek funds using the ‘crowdfunding’ model. Rather than simply contribute money, the sponsor is offered a range of rewards in exchange for pledges. This then becomes an opportunity for you as sponsor to acquire some unique, tangible art product, [postcards, screenprints, original drawings and paintings] in addition to seeing your name on both film credit roll and the printed page, as a patron of the arts. To see how you can help, visit:


Every sponsor at whatever level will have the opportunity of adding their personal or business website to the project blog.


Higher level contributions will ensure this information appears in the book and on the film’s final credit roll.

If you are unable to pledge, I completely understand. In which case, could I ask you to pass this information on to your contacts, who may be in a position to help out?

Thank you for reading this through.

Best wishes,

Glenn Ibbitson

Here's the trailer:

If you like what you see and feel able to help Glenn in any way, you know what to do. I am intrigued by the trailer, and I reckon the idea is worthy of support. If you have a blog of your own and would consider giving some publicity there, I am sure Glenn would be delighted.

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