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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

This week I am mostly ...

... training to become a Door Supervisor. I need this badge to carry out my new job, and I was appointed on the understanding that I would train and get the certificate within three months.

That's £295 for the training and £245 for the certificate (renewable every three years), and my employer will neither pay the costs nor give me time off to do it. So I have been working almost continuous shifts to carry forward four free days to so the course. Nights and days; days and nights. My body-clock is utterly scrambled. The upside of that is that the qualification is mine and not the company's, and I won't feel any guilt about using it outside my normal working week.

It's quite good fun, and a long way from the bald, tattooed hard-man-in-a-leather-jacket image of the traditional 'bouncer'. I have no experience of night clubs, so a lot of it is completely new to me, and quite an education.

If this blog has been a bit quiet recently, that's why.

Normal service, etc.


  1. Bloody hell!
    I used to be a "door supervisor" in 1999-2000. Back in those days we called them bouncers and there was no SIA licence.
    You had to get a badge from the local council.
    The course was £25 and the badge was £26.

  2. Now I'm envious!

    To be fair, the course content is pretty good, and very heavy on conflict resolution and interpersonal skills rather than batting people round the head and non-marking control techniques. I'm quite happy with what I have seen so far. Tomorrow is the final day - holds, grips and take-downs. Should be fun.

  3. Batting people round the head? Oh the humanity!

    You want to get Geoff Thompsons, Pavement Arena series on DVD. It's invaluable. I have copies if you'd like.

  4. Funny you should mention that. I did a bit of Karate when I was in my 30s, but nothing of the kind since then. However, my tutor this week is a something-dan Judo black belt, and to watch him deal with someone (in a role-play) is something to watch, effective and effortless. I'm wondering if my old bones and joints are up to it, but I'd be interested in starting some kind of martial arts again. Copies? Mmmm - interested.

  5. Hopefully your old bones wont be put under too much pressure :-)
    He teaches verbal dissuasion, turning on your opponents fear and of course, lightening take downs.
    The copies are a bit grainey as they are taken from old VHS tapes, however they are fit for purpose.
    If you want copies, bung me an email tomorrow on bucko.moose@virgin.net and I'll pop them in the post.
    I've only had a quick look but they appear to be available on youtube, also. Let me know.

  6. I've had a quick look at YouTube, and there are some there, but not a full series as far as I can see. I would be very grateful for copies, thank you. Email on its way.


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