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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

3 Amigos Toy Run 2010

I went on this last year.

This year: Saturday 11 December. Meet in the Commons Car Park, Pembroke, at 12:00 midday. Run starts at 1.00 pm. Bring a toy or donation.

If you're in the area, please come and participate. It's good fun.

Proof I was there last year - here, 3m 07s, green XT with fully-winterproofed rider. I'm famous.


  1. Thanks Richard, yours is the only web-presence to tell us when to go!
    The vid is where my bike finally sputtered to a halt last year. Italian electrics. PAH!

  2. Hey Phil - that wasn't your classic Guzzi-powered 3-wheeler, was it? That one didn't make it past the circuit of Pembroke before leaving town :)

    I'm a bit surprised that they don't publicise it better on the web. It's all posters in local shops that I have seen.

  3. Carmarthen MAG, eh? Might drop down there sometime when the weather improves.

  4. Have put a link on Facebook.



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