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- George Washington

Thursday 8 December 2011

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Rescue Cat has found the warmest place in the house.


  1. That is a very smart kitteh. They sure love to find the warm spots.

  2. Consider me being a fan on Rescue Cat. I am one for warm places, too.

  3. Heh" Ours love their radiator hammocks, when we aren't in and the electric fire on, that is. Stupid beasts have several, but will insist on trying to all get in the same one!

  4. Dear Father Christmas

    Please may I have a radiator hammock (like JuiaM's cats) for Christmas. I am 14 stone.



  5. Radiator hammocks! Thank heavens for the internets, or I would have remained ignorant of this invention. It sounds brilliant. Derf, if Santa comes across with the goods, order me one. I am a little over 14 stone.


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