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- George Washington

Sunday 18 December 2011

Footwear for Christmas Shopping

What Not To Wear:

Grandma wearing Crocs with socks, grand-daughter wearing Tesco Value Ugg Boots.

Crocs are a horrendous crime against taste in any event. They look like those ghastly jelly sandals you had for the beach when you were a kid, but without the carefree style, panache and pretty colours. Not only do they look awful, but they make you think of sweaty, scaly feet and horn-like yellow toenails. Yuk. But to wear them with socks? Dear oh dear.

Ugg boots are an uggly shape and make the wearer look flat-footed, like a cartoon drawn by someone who has difficulty with the human form. But at least the real ones look well-made and like they might last more than ten minutes. These were from a pound shop, I think, and looked profoundly uncomfortable.

(Before you think I am making fun of people who are too poor to afford proper clothes, I should say that this was in a queue for the most expensive knicky-knacky shop in the area and they arrived in a newish 4x4. I was there merely because I knew what I had to get for my Secret Santee at work, and there was only one place to get it. Honest.)

How to do it better?

This wasn't a bad effort:


  1. I'd watch yourself going round photographing strangers feet, you're liable to get knicked :-)

  2. Public place, mate, public place. Right to photograph where and whom we choose, and all that ...

    And no faces. Even the owners probably wouldn't recognise their feet in an iPhone 'photograph' :)

  3. "Public place, mate"

    If only the police understood that :-(

  4. Indeed. I took those photos as a bit of a laugh, but now I see I am kicking back at The Man on behalf of all oppressed photographers. It's a role I like. Swimming pool next...


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