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- George Washington

Wednesday 12 May 2010

Parting of the Ways

Decision time.

I have been aware for a while that the two main subjects of this blog - motorcycles and current affairs - don't sit too well together. When I started writing the blog last year, I thought that I would just write about stuff that interested me, and if it interested anyone else, so much the better. However, I have been looking back at several months' worth of posts and it seems to me that the blog has become a bit schizophrenic. In short, the people who read it for the bike stuff probably don't care a toss about the politics (or maybe are put off by it) and the people who read it for the politics couldn't give a stuff about biking.

And people do read this blog, much to my terrified amazement.

So I have decided to split this blog in two. The politics stuff will remain here (Going Fast, Getting Nowhere) and the bike stuff will be hosted in a new blog called Soul Mover (http://42soulmover.blogspot.com). The name for the new blog comes from my favourite biking quote:

Four wheels move the body; two wheels move the soul.

The phrase "soul mover" also reminds me of the typical lyrics of one of my favourite bands, Yes - although I don't think it appeared in any of their songs.

So, if you come here for the bike nonsense, please visit Soul Mover and bookmark it. If you are a politics junkie, then please stick around and be assured that my rantings will no longer be interrupted by a review of soft luggage or a diatribe on speed cameras.



  1. Well I read it for both. Now I have to bookmark another blog. Grrrr (in Gaelic)

  2. Oops (in English).

    Sorry about that, Tcheuchter. There's you and a couple of others (endemoniada_88 for one) who seem to read both 'sides', but my instinct was that the bike stuff and the current affairs stuff didn't sit well together. Time will tell, but your comments are appreciated. I may reintegrate the two in time, if I get more feedback like yours. Every reader is precious (!) and I don't want to drive them away if I can help it. Hang in there.


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