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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Kevin Ash

It is with great sadness that I read that Kevin Ash, motorcycling journalist and bike correspondent of the Daily Telegraph, has been killed.  The Telegraph has some brief details here.

It seems Kevin was part of the UK press contingent at the launch of a new BMW bike in South Africa.  The accident happened around 250 km East of Cape Town.  Details of the incident are being withheld for the time being out of respect for his family.

I have had Kevin's website Ash On Bikes bookmarked for a long time now.  He was one of the few bike journalists that was free of any macho posturing or wannabe racer pretensions.  He wrote well, and he wrote for people like me, who love motorcycles without necessarily needing the latest fashion in exhausts or the highest top speed or the fastest lap time.  He tested everything from scooters to superbikes, and wrote honestly and engagingly about them all.

He leaves a wife and three daughters.

He will be greatly missed.

H/t to Highwaylass.


  1. A sad loss.

    I always enjoyed looking forward to reading his column in Saturday's Telegraph Motoring Section.

    As you say, his reviews were pitched at the DT's wider audience, so ranged widely between superbikes, commuters, tourers, posers & scooters.

  2. Agreed. But even his reviews in specifically motorcycling contexts were lacking the track-focused, knee-down-at-all-costs attitude of the majority of the bike press. He was just a normal guy who liked bikes, and could write well about them.

  3. Now, that is sad news.

    RIP for one of the best in the field.


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