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- George Washington

Monday, 11 June 2012


My wife asked me to go to the shops.

"Get us a bottle of milk.  Oh, and if they have any eggs, get half a dozen."

I came home with six bottles of milk.

"Why the heck did you get six bottles of milk?" she asked.

"Because they had eggs."


  1. HA! That would be taking things literally, wouldn't it?

  2. It would indeed. I wouldn't do this, but then I am not a computer programmer either.

  3. That reminds me of a joke from my programmer days:

    A computer engineer, a systems analyst, and a programmer are driving down a mountain road when the car suddenly veers left, smashes through the barrier and rolls a thousand feet down the ravine. When it finally stops, the three emerge battered, bruised and bloody from the wreckage.
    "Wow that was rough, but I think I might be able to fix it," says the computer engineer.
    The systems analyst says, "Not yet, we need to get back to the workshop and run a load of simulations to figure out what went wrong."
    The programmer strokes his chin and says, "Okay, but first I think we should get it back on to the road and see if it does it again."

    1. It must have been the computer engineer actually driving.

      The systems analyst would take so long to make any sort of decision that the car would still be parked with the engine off, and the programmer would be too busy disagreeing with the SatNav firmware to have got as far as the mountain road.

      The computer engineer, however, needs to leave site as soon as possible, and drives the car like he stole it....

      (Guess which I was in a former life)


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