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- George Washington

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Grease and Seatings

I'd normally be asleep now ready for tonight's night shift, but something woke me at 11 am and I can't get back off. Presents to wrap, things to do and a 'see you soon' post to write for the blog. Back to work tonight at six, home tomorrow by about nine, and then I am off for three days. That's good.

I doubt if I will get near a keyboard until the festeringitivities are over, so here's this blog's Official Christmas Message:

To everyone who has read this blog, and especially those who have taken the time and trouble to comment and contribute to some lively, humorous and (occasionally) intelligent debate, and even more especially to those bloggers who are kind enough to include me in their blogrolls and bring me much-needed visitor numbers, I would say Thank You. And for the next few days, I hope you all say No to the world and its demands, and spend a bit of time doing things that matter to you with people who matter to you. If that means a big traditional family Christmas, or getting pissed and having athletic and risky sex with your next-door neighbour, or going off for a ride into the hills by yourself, or just reading a book, then I wish you well in the doing of it. And I'll see you back here when it's all blown over.

Someone at work gave me a black-and-white Santa hat with 'Bah Humbug' embroidered on the rim. I will be wearing that constantly until told to take it off. And, since I can't find a worse image for my Christmas Post, here he is again:

Happy Christmas!


  1. Happ Christmas to you Richard!

    Maybe we will meet for a bloggers fest?


  2. That sounds like not a very bad idea at all. New Year? Give that Beemer a leg-stretch?

  3. Happy Christmas Richard. Have a good one.

  4. I'll be in Germany until the 2nd Jan drinking anti-freeze...

  5. "And having athletic and risky sex with your next-door neighbour"

    Neither of them that fit that category!! 2 doors down has a rather nice daughter - she's certainly athletic, and I would be taking quite a risk...

    Merry Chrimbo (Bah Humbug...)

  6. @Nikos - I didn't literally mean Jan 1st! But I'd be up for a meet sometime soonish in Jan/Feb/March, depending on a multiplicity of factors.

    @Patently - thanks, and the same to you. I see your Caterham is going well!

    @Microdave - mine neither, although the lady two doors up (i.e. a mile away) is quite comely in a 60s Germaine Greer sort of way. And knowing her husband, a big risk, too. I think I will settle for home cooking for the moment.

    @Frog - thanks, and the same.

  7. "Back to work tonight at six, home tomorrow by about nine ........"

    What with various time zones & the earth's rotation - you must be Father Christmas, & I claim my prize!

    Have a good one Richard, thanks for educating & amusing your readership.

  8. This Christmas I will mostly be...decorating. Not very festive but quite useful, and spares local husbands the need to worry.

    All the best to you and yours, Rich. Hope it's a good one.

  9. Thank you for having us, in a non sexual fashion of course! Hope the night shift isn't too bad.

    Have a good Christmas.

  10. @Joe - ... is the right answer! Please collect your prize of a wet haddock from the lady on Reception. Thanks for the kind words.

    @Endo - a classic example of displacement activity. I'm glad the local male populace can sleep easy for a while. Best to yours too, mate.

    @Conniesdad - it has been a complete non-sexual pleasure, thank you. The night shift has been 'interesting' so far, with just a massive domestic involving a huge family of inebriated travellers to pass the hours. Otherwise quiet :)

  11. Have a good holiday and I hope the house is cosy now.

  12. Thank you, and the same to you and all the Rafters. The house is more than cosy these days. The heating comes on for two nanoseconds every second Thursday and it's like a sauna in here. I exaggerate, but not by much. And efficient boiler and double glazing make a difference I can scarcely believe.


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