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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Word Cloud

I am now happily ensconced in my house-sit in Normandy, with Anna and teenage grand-daughter. The house is the usual French combination of anarchic plumbing and electricity, and questionable taste (raffia ceilings?), but is comfortable and about 20 minutes' brisk walk from la boulangerie across some lovely open fields. Le wee-fee is available in about half the house, after a long struggle with passwords, network keys and locked bedrooms, so I have been able to boot up the old lapdog on occasions, but familial responsibilities and general courtesy mean it has been a few odd minutes here and there. More later in the week, I expect, when the grand-daughter has been kidnapped by her parents and Anna and I can settle back into something approaching normality.

A good friend sent me this today. I have seen word clouds on other blogs, but they always seemed too resource-hungry when I looked into it, so I never put one on here. This, however, is a one-off, and I think it encapsulates things quite well. Click for bigger.

Thanks to G for the file.


  1. Oooh, Normandy! The food will be ace, the scenery will be beautiful, and the cider lethal!

    Hope the weather is good for you.

  2. Wait a minute, you are from England, right? And complaining about bad plumbing in France? Oh, boy it must be really bad then...
    Enjoy your stay nevertheless, I hope the weather plays along nicely. And don't overload 'de weefee' by making clouds out of words. Nice idea though.

  3. Yup, food so far has been excellent, the scenery is lovely in a quiet way, and we'll be trying the cider later today. We've been doing a lot of the D-Day stuff, which has been both interesting and very moving.

    Complaining about French plumbing is a standing joke amongst the English. However, in this house it's the electrics that are truly bizarre. every room has a double switch outside. The upper one (usually) operates the light in the room, and the lower one operates a light somewhere else in the house, sometimes one you can't see from where you are standing. It makes going to bed a lengthy affair as you try all the combinations to get all the lights to turn out, rather than only some


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