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Monday, 4 July 2011

Thinks ...

02 Triumph Sprint ST 955i, low miles, immaculate. Deep red, not the orangey tone of the photo.

Bonnie plus a few hundred beer tokens.

Whatcher think?


  1. I think a poll might be amusing...

    My vote goes in the "yes, immediately" box. A bargain, depending on just how few of those hundreds of beer tokens are involved.

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  3. Presumably, you're depending upon overwhelming support from your readership in order to persuade Mrs GFGN that it's a bargain.

    If that fails, you could use the suggestion that D2 would be 'safer' on it.

  4. @ Endo - I think I could have guessed your comment before I read it! I sneaked a test ride, and the bike was amazingly comfy, apart from the weight on the wrists, which I am not used to. I got a fair amount of tingling in the fingers from a 20 minute ride. And after the Bonnie, I have to say it's a bit lively :) SWMBO will be introduced to the idea later this evening, if I have another beer or two.

    The Sprint is way over the price in Parkers, but then they are offering me a trade-in on the Bonnie that is way over the Parkers price too. The price to change is all I am interested in, and that is currently in the low hundreds of beer tokens. I may be able to squeeze it down a bit, but in the end I think it will be worth it to me, regardless of notional numbers in a book somewhere. It's an 02 bike with 10k miles, against a 55 bike with 19k. Older but newer, which makes any comparison difficult.

    @ Joe - I doubt if she would place much credence on a bunch or reprobates like you lot! The 'safer' argument is a good one, although I have my doubts. When I have broached a change of bike in the past, it has always been received with an arch of the eyebrows in response to any 'logical' justification. In the end, I usually just tell her we're driving to the other end of the country for 'reasons which will become clear'. She knows me by now.

  5. Didn't you mention in a previous blog [ ;] something along the lines of the Bonnie's reliability & the inconvenience it might cause, if it broke down - a long way from home? And how Mrs GFGN would have a long car ride to pick you up.

    Isn't it wise to trade-in now, to get some practice miles behind you, before your continental trip next year?

    Can't you bribe her with a new iron, hairdryer, or set of curling tongs? That new dress she saw in Primark / M & S / Bhs - she could hardly say 'no' to the new Sprint, if you bought a little romantic surprise, now could she?

    Tell her you promise to not-go-down-the-pub for a week or two! [It'd be the truth anyway, if your beer-tokens had all been squandered.]

    Congratulations on your recent promotion at work. Why not buy yourself a new bike to celebrate?

    You've got to decide by this weekend 'cos didn't the dealer tell you there was another biker keen on buying it?

  6. Joe, I can see you have done this before. That was a masterclass.

    Notes taken, filed, and written on postcards for easy reference.


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