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Monday, 20 June 2011

Ride To Work Day

Well, I did. Did you?

It was a lovely morning, if a little cold. But there was a downpour this afternoon which had only eased a little by the time it came to go home. So the Bonnie is now a very soggy little bike, and my textile suit is waterlogged. But today, as every day, was a ride-to-work day.

I managed to spend some time talking to a colleague whose partner is a biker and who is also a rider. She's thinking of getting another bike for herself, and I spoke some encouraging words. She wants a Yamaha XV535, which would not be ideal for days like today, but we have to start somewhere.


  1. Yep. As I do every day.

    Rolled my VFR off the Bilbao ferry in Portsmouth at 10 pm yesterday, at the conclusion of a 3000-mile EuroBlitz. It was just as happy pootling along the commute into work this morning as it had been hammering through the mountains and valleys of southern Europe for a couple of weeks. By happy coincidence, though, the latter gave me a good opportunity to wax lyrical about the fabulousness of motorcycling to - well - pretty much anyone who could be cornered and forced to listen...

  2. I envy you the Euroblitz. That sounds like epic fun, and the VFR was the tool do take to the job. In fact, I have been reading a few old road tests of the 750 and 800 (pre-VTEC) and I have been sort of persuaded. Not sure what the next bike will be, but that one is in the top ten, for sure. And your other bike, curiously.

    Good work with the proselytising. Constant dripping wears away the stone.

  3. It was a fantastic trip: better than last year's blast to Monza, as it was a) longer b) faster and c) the weather was kind! We went direct from Calais to San Marino for the WSB, then came back via the Italian Riviera, Monaco, South of France, Andorra and northern Spain. Still sorting out the pics and video footage - perhaps you'd care for a more detailed report when that's done?

    I reckon you really can't go wrong with a VFR - I've owned an '86 750FG, a '94 750FR and the '03 800VTEC. The '94 style was the prettiest, but even with the slightly harsh mark 1 VTEC the 800 is the better vehicle. They really will do anything, and with style. So will the Versys, though - I would have been quite happy to make this year's trip on it, even if it wouldn't have been quite so pinned on the twisties.

    Is the next bike a near(ish) prospect at all?

  4. I'd agree about the early VFRs being good-looking. There was one in a magazine I read the other day (an old one, part of my 'collection') which was white with gold decals, and I thought that looked pretty classy. A guy I ride with (club secretary's husband, in fact) rides a 90s VFR and it always looks good and goes well.

    I can't see me changing the bike any time soon for financial reasons. But I have to admit, in a stage whisper, that although the Bonnie is a great bike, it's a bit slow. Not so much top speed, as it will easily cruise at 80-ish and I have no desire for a 160 top end, but in its overtaking ability. I have to plan overtakes ahead of time now, and do one car at a time. On the Honda (or the Ducati, or the Bandit) it was blink-of-an-eye stuff, six vans and an artic in one go. I have to say I miss that. I've read a few reports on the Versys, and that 60 hp is the only fly in the ointment. The bike could have been made for me otherwise - riding position, comfort levels, range etc. I'm thinking Triumph Tiger, or perhaps an older Beemer like the 1150GS next time. Or a VFR. Or a ... You get the picture. Whatever, the XT stays.

    If you would care to do a write-up of the trip with pics, I would gladly put it up here. It would make a nice change from my ramblings.


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