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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Parish Notice

The IT guys at work have been busy. For some reason, my work PC (which I share with several other people when I am not on rota) is not allowing certain activities. I can surf the web normally (although some sites are blocked, such as Youtube and some - but not all - images), I can read my own blog, and I can even comment there if I do so as an anonymous visitor. But I am unable to log in, except to write a new post. If I try anything else, such as reply to comments or modify the blog format, all I get is the main page with 'Sign In' at the top. I am also unable to use copy/paste in the composition page, although I can if I switch to Edit Html mode (Blogger users will know what I mean). And when I am in Edit Html mode, the formatting goes haywire, with unwanted line spaces appearing everywhere and almost impossible to get rid of. What all this means is that blogging while I am at work - those night shifts are long, and an ideal time to get jiggy with the keyboard - is a royal pain in the arse and almost impossible to do properly.

I'm pretty sure it is something to do with the PC's (or the network's) privacy settings, but I am reluctant to make any changes, as it is a shared PC. So if things go eerily quiet for a period of four days, this is why. I can get to my emails no problem, so if there is anything important, this is the way to go.

Meanwhile, here's something to make you smile:


  1. l've had a few e-mails to the effect that IE does not like Blogger ... with the same results that you have being getting.

  2. You can publish new posts by email if that's easier - it's under "Settings", then "Email & Mobile". You define a secret address @blogger.com and they publish anything that arrives there for you. Works for me.

    Can't think of a way round the comments one, other than to post anon.

    Like the dog pic.

  3. Richard (posting from work)30 June 2011 at 22:36

    @SH - this would make sense, as the work PC is using IE, whereas I use Firefox at home. However, I could always post/edit/whatever before, and the recent issues have been over the last few weeks, which makes me think out IT boys have introduced some restrictions. Blocking BBC Iplayer was one of them - no more Top Gear on the night shift!

    @patently - thanks for this. It isn't posting that's the problem, though; it's the other things. I have my phone set up to make posts by email, but I haven't used it yet, except for a couple of tests when I was still over-enthused with the iPhone :)

  4. I've used the 'Publish by email' option occasionally when I've had works PC issues.

    Although I downloaded the iPhone Blogger app,I couldn't really get on with it.


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