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- George Washington

Saturday, 5 June 2010

If you didn't believe ...

... that Labour politicians are in it for whatever they can get, then have a read of this:

Tony Blair has become an adviser to Colonel Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator's son has sensationally claimed. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi said the former prime minister has secured a consultancy role with a state fund that manages the country's £65billion of oil wealth.

In an exclusive interview, Saif described Mr Blair as a 'personal family friend' of the Libyan leader and said he had visited the country 'many, many times' since leaving Downing Street three years ago.

So he oversees an economic policy that has run poor old Britain into the ground, started an illegal and unjustifiable war, and knowingly left us in the hands of the worst Prime Minister we have ever had. He has a well-paid job as official envoy to the Middle East, which I am sure involves a lot of trips to nice sunny countries to top up his tan, although recent events suggest he hasn't been all that successful. He spends a lot of time on the dinner circuit in America (where they seem to appreciate him) and receives fees beyond the dreams of avarice.

And now he is taking the Gaddaffi shilling. Is there anything this man won't do for money?

I thought I couldn't despise and loathe a politician more than Blair, until Gordon Brown came along. But after three years of Brown, I was beginning to think that perhaps that Blair bloke wasn't as bad as I thought. It takes a report like this to remind me.

H/t to Subrosa.


  1. endemoniada_886 June 2010 at 00:09

    Is there anything Blair won't do for money?

    Yes. Tell the truth (as defined by the rest of the world, rather than by T. Blair, esq).

    I can find a generous enough portion of loathing to accommodate both Blair and Brown, with a fair bit left over for Mandelson. On the bright side, looking at the talent in the Nu-Lab leadership race - Blair clones sans the charm, or no-hopers to a man (and woman) - they're not going to be electable again until I'm old and grey. Gotta thank the boys for that part of their legacy, at least: it must rank as the only really decent thing they achieved while in power.

  2. Dream ticket - Ed Balls and Diane Abbott for the win!


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