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- George Washington

Monday, 21 June 2010


Got the car to the Ford dealer as agreed. Offered my mobile number in case of problems - "non, m'sieur, these phones cannot make international calls.". Got a taxi. Spent day trudging round Vannes, see previous post. Got taxi back to dealer. Curiously, car in same place I left it. Turns out parts had not arrived - "une problème de livraison, M'sieur. You must come back tomorrow.". No apology or regret for my wasted day. Customer service by British Gas c. 1978.

I lack the facility with idiomatic and abusive French to go batshit mental at them in a meaningful way so I slap my forehead at them and walk out. Any other approach would have left me looking a plonker, to be honest.

I am, as you might expect, a little miffed. I did get some good photos in Vannes, however, which I will post later.

Via mobile.


  1. ...if I was you I would drive back to Wales very tentatively and have it fixed there.

  2. Have you got international rescue (euro-RAC rather than 1970s puppets)? In which case the only risk if you are careful is a bit of buggeration if the bit breaks - and you're getting that anyway. And 'dickhead' said with feeling is globlish and understood universally.


  3. @ Nikos - if it wasn't for a tonne and a half of caravan on the back, that would have been the decision from the start. But with the van, and with it being brake-related, I reckon I can suck up the bill and worry about it when I am home safe.

    @ Derf - I have the Caravan Club's Red Pennant service, which is full motor and personal cover, and they have been brilliant, phoning me daily and checking on progress with the garage on my behalf. They would trailer me home in an emergency, but I'd prefer not to have the emergency :) Funnily enough, the garage were charming with me today. I must have given them 'one of my looks'.


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