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- George Washington

Thursday, 24 December 2009

3 Birds, 1 Mountain

One of my younger relatives is doing an amazing thing for charity. She and two friends (the 3 birds) are planning to climb Mont Blanc next August in aid of three charities:

Breast Cancer Campaign (does what is says on the label)
The White Ribbon Alliance (safe pregnancy and childbirth in developing and developed countries)
Action For Children (formerly the National Children's Home, helping vulnerable young people in the UK)

Three very worthy causes, and three amazing young people trying to do their bit. None of them have previous mountaineering experience (but they are going with a good guide, so I hear), so they will be undergoing a huge amount of physical and mountain training in time for next year. Having done a very modest amount of winter climbing myself, I know that they will be facing a hell of a challenge, and I take my hat off to them. Should any readers wish to make a donation and help them reach their target of £15,000, you can do so on their website:


(Katie is the one I know.)

I wish them success.

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