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Tuesday 4 September 2012

Richard's Five

Intrigued by a challenge from the biking blogger Fuzzygalore:

One of the biggest challenges for bloggers is how to highlight older content. Just by the nature of the basic blog format sometimes what we see as our own great posts don’t get enough action. How can we tell people that there is something pretty awesome they might’ve missed? Well, the best ways that I’ve found so far is… shamelessly pull stories out of the archive and link to them.
so I have decided to give it a go.  Here are five of my favourite posts.  Probably not the five best, or the most popular*, but five that meant something to me and that I was pleased with when I hit 'Publish'.

1. Camping Taxonomy
Probably the one I most enjoyed writing.  Based on many years of camping (and more lately caravanning), a summary of the people you are likely to meet, and who to avoid, and why.

2. My New Hero
A chance meeting and conversation with a remarkable man.  Sadly, no photos as I forgot the camera that day.

3. Jolie-Laide
Regular readers will know of my touching and probably ill-advised love for my scabby old Yamaha XT600E.  There are too many posts detailing its talents and shortcomings, but this one is perhaps typical.

4. And thinking ...
Two-and-a-half years ago I owned a Honda ST1300 Pan European.  It was too big, too heavy, 'too much bike', and it had to go.  To show that I never learn from my mistakes, there is an almost identical post much more recently where I describe my decision to sell the Sprint because ... well, 'too much bike'.  I'm hoping the XT's current partner (a BMW F650GS) is the Goldilocks bike - 'just right'.  (To explain the odd title of this post, the previous post was entitled 'Just thinking ...', and was a picture of a Harley Sportster.  Draw your own conclusions.  SonjaM will appreciate.)

5. Motorbikes and Motorways
Musings on the suitability, or otherwise, of two-wheeled transport on the nation's main arteries.

H/t to SonjaM for the link to Fuzzygalore.  (I confess I hadn't read this blog before, but it's going in my reader from today.)

*My most popular post by a mile was this one, a brief comment on the 80th anniversary of the British Highway Code.  Over 10,000 page views for this one.  Duh.


  1. Yay - Thanks for participating, Richard! :)

    {heading off to read posts...}

  2. Great list of 5 (plus one) Richard. I have to say my favorite was the Camping Taxonomy. Brilliant!

  3. Richard, thanks for playing along. Great selection. I love your homage to the XT the most.


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