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Saturday 18 August 2012

Another day, another IAM poll ...

It's green for a reason

This one's a doozy.  Eco driving - the questions are so full of assumptions that I didn't know how to answer most of them.  Road Tax (sorry, VED) - should it be lower, higher, or the same?  Is the Congestion Charge a good thing, or a very good thing?

And have you stopped beating your wife, Sir?

Have a go, anyway.  You don't need to be a member, etc., etc.


  1. Question 6 - Do you think that cars contribute to global warming?

    Don't know/no opinion

    Where's the 'global warming is a scam' option?

    I don't think the IAM has much to do with motoring anymore.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry had to delete that last one due to an error......

      I went to check it out but for some reason it wouldn't come up in my browser. The page would but when clicking the poll it just kept taking me to the main page. Weird.

      Funny how some polls give you loaded questions to try and get the results are seeking. Sounds like maybe that is what they are doing here by your post and Ripper's comment.

    2. It may be one of those sites that is geographically restricted, like a lot of our BBC output can't be accessed elsewhere in the world. After all, not much sense in asking a Cape Verde Islander about British road conditions, I suppose.

      Pity you couldn't see it though. Ripper quotes the best one. Another was about CO2 emissions - no option to say 'does this really matter?' Unfortunately, once you have done the survey you can't go back and look again to check the wording of the questions.

  3. Even this resident in England can't access the Poll.

    Maybe IAM has realised the science about Global Warming is not settled, & so have pulled the poll.

  4. It worked for me last night. However, they are time-limited. They use the same URL for all polls (I had one in my inbox concerning drink-driving that had been replaced by the eco-driving one) so perhaps they pull them after a certain time. Not to worry - it was a pile of pants anyway.

  5. How odd I just completed it, they wont like my answers, shouldn't leave text boxes for people to write in....


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