If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Friday 30 March 2012

I Blame The Government (As Usual)

Let's get this right.

A woman is decanting petrol to help out a neighbour who needs some. OK so far.

She does it indoors. Bad move. In the kitchen. Worse move.

She is pouring the petrol into a glass jug. Even worse move. Next to the stove. Terrible move.

The stove is on, as they are cooking tea over a burning gas ring. Suicidal move.

The vapour ignites, the woman drops the jug, and the place goes up in flames. The woman ends up in hospital with 40% burns.

And what happens next, in Britain 2012?

Labour call for a government minister to resign. You see, the minister concerned had advised people to keep a little extra petrol in a proper, sealed container in the garage in case of possible shortages, so it was obviously his fault.
John Mann, Labour MP for Bassetlaw, said Mr Maude should do the "decent thing" and resign over his comments.
They really do think like this. That's the worry.

And they wonder why we hold them in complete contempt.


  1. Of course it's the governments fault:

    The Government systematically destroyed the education system, so the poor woman could not possibly be expected to know that petrol is highly inflammable...

    The Government deliberately embarked on a social engineering program, which has produced millions of brain dead drones who can't think for themselves, and do whatever they are told...

    The Government advised people to go out and lay in extra supplies before a (possible) strike had even been called...

    The Government (allegedly) used the above advice to "cover up bad news" - the pasting (sic) they are getting over the budget...

    And so on...

  2. I've given up any intention of blogging about this episode. There's just so much utter stupidity washing around, I'm lost for where to start.

    It makes you want to hide in the corner with a baseball bat in case you go outside and discover the mask has slipped and its "28 days later" out there.

  3. This is a sad story on just about every level.

    The saddest part being a politician trying to make political capital out of an MOP's misfortune.

  4. Well, that's sad, yes, but it's sad in the sense that these hyaenas trying to kill an elephant calf is 'sad'.

    They're hyaenas. It's their nature...

  5. For a truly 'Britain today' story we need lots of texts/phone calls/junk mailing from no foal, no fee lawyers offering to sue petrol supplier/kitchen installer/cooker maker/jug factory because there weren't any warnings to compensate for the national loss of common sense.


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