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- George Washington

Sunday 25 September 2011

EU Biking Protest

I had to miss today's MAG protest against the latest EU proposals because I had to be at work. I was there in spirit.

In terms of the mainstream media, it seems to have been noticed, even if not reported on in any depth.

BBC Wales
BBC England
BBC Wiltshire
BBC Humberside
Nothing in the dailies that I can see on a quick search.

About 1,500 motorcyclists have staged go-slow protests on the M4 in south Wales and the A55 in north Wales against proposed EU laws on bikers.

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) claims that they would be more heavily regulated than other road users.

South Wales Police said about 1,000 bikers drove along the M4 westbound from junction 32 (Coryton) to junction 35 (Pencoed) with little disruption.

Organisers of the A55 protest say 500 bikers joined a go-slow from Abergele.

The rides were among 70 protests organised by MAG across the UK at 13:00 BST on Sunday to protest at a range of EU proposals on motorcycling.
Oh well, better than nothing.


  1. They've just had a long piece (headline as well) on my local news - BBC South Today - the first time the EU has even got on my local news let alone a report with so many references to it.

    Excellent stuff and good luck.

  2. I saw quiet a lot of bikers yesterday morning. They might have been heading for this, or they might have been off for some other meet.

  3. I'd be almost certain they were off to one or other of these meets. It wasn't really a 'last ride of summer' day. But I doubt if they were all that 'quiet' :)


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