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Thursday 7 July 2011

My Ambition ...

... is to beat this guy.
Britain's oldest biker still going strong at 94: Reg Scott has ridden nearly 400,000 miles

Adrenaline junkie Reg Scott is still burning rubber as Britain's oldest motorcyclist - aged 94.

The great-granddad has covered a staggering 384,800 miles during his 74 years on the road, the equivalent of riding around the world more than 15 times.
At the age when most people are sitting in a comfy chair, dribbling, Reg looks to be remarkable fit, healthy and independent. Reg has ridden a motorbike for 74 years, and still rides most days. I wonder if the two are connected?
He bought his first bike - a Norton 16H 490cc - on hire purchase for 73 pounds in 1937 and has had seven more since. The most powerful was a BMW Boxer 1000cc.

Reg now rides a Honda 250cc around his home town of Ludham, Norfolk, at least four times a week, often taking it out to do his weekly grocery shop.

He admits he has had to slow down over the years but still manages to top an impressive 60 miles per hour when out on the road.

[He says] 'You are always in the open air and can feel the ground rushing past you. You just can't get that with a car.

'On a motorbike you always feel like you are speeding even at a slow pace like 50 miles per hour. It's a real adrenaline rush and I still get it.

'Age means nothing to me. I value the independence I have with a bike and plan to carry on until I can't do it anymore.
Me too, pal. I've only got 37 years to go and I will be passing you.

Thirty-seven years? That's almost as long as I have been riding! In Reg terms, I'm only just half-way.

It is often said that there are many old riders, and many bold riders, but there are very few old, bold riders. I'll settle for being an old one. If riding is so much fun, why wouldn't you want to carry on as long as possible?

This guy cheers me up.


  1. My dad has been riding for a while, but now at 68, he feels his R1150 is too heavy, especially when having to move it around or at low speed. He's done well to get that far.

    Thankfully, he's planning to trade it in for a 3 wheel scooter (ok, not strictly a bike!).

  2. I gave up last year, at 74. First bike was a BSA Bantam, then Douglas 350 horozontal twin, then ......finally a 1973 Honda 175cc Twin.

    I seem to remember (from a few years ago) that there was an old fellow from Birmingham, in his 90s, whose aim was to ride to Buckingham Palace to collect his telegram from HM when he became 100. I think that he had a M/C garage and still worked there full-time.

    Any one remember more details ?

  3. Are you sure he is 94? he looks younger than me....


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