If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Saturday 26 March 2011

This Blog Is Not For Sale

Paul wants to buy my blog. Paul wants to give me lots of money.
Hi, I am interested in purchasing your blog . I represent a firm that purchases entire blogs, that is, the URL as well as the content of the blog. We use these blogs to Improve the search engine rankings of our clients.
I must admit that, for a nanosecond I had a dream of retiring somewhere hot, and swimming in a sea of fivers while smoking a big cigar and entertaining several underage Moroccan belly-dancers named after precious stones. But then I read the conditions:
Our firm requires that the blog has correct English and grammar. It must have original content (not duplicate content from other blogs or websites) as well as having no pornography or other distasteful content. In addition, the blog must be able to be found on Google.

I can do the original content. Everything here is my own work, except the stuff that is other people's. The spelling, punctuation and grammar as as good as I can make them. I'm not aware of hosting pornography, and whether the blog is distasteful I will have to leave to others to judge. It can be found in Google, witness the bizarre search terms that bring many overseas readers to the blog.

And then I read the prices they are offering:
Below is the typical pricing (in US dollars) based on the PageRank of your blog: PageRank 1 - from $200. to $300. PageRank 2 - from $250. to $400. PageRank 3 - from $340. to $575. PageRank 4 - from $475. to $700. PageRank 5 - from $625. to $1,000.

The cigar turned to a soggy Woodbine, the fivers turned to old bus tickets, and the Moroccan ladies became a party of pensioners from Batley. How can they be so cruel?
You can contact me at paul@evolvedmanagement.com.
I did. Two words.

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  1. Interesting, but shows the depressed (and depressing) value of internet content.

    And I think your response is spot on.


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