If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

- George Washington

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Sod's Law

I had the day off yesterday.  I was up early, and it was a beautiful morning, so I got a plan together.  Breakfast done, all washed up and put away, fire raked out and reloaded, wood fetched, shopping list assembled, shopping bags rounded up, coat on, all by 9.00 am.  Excellent!  And then it started to rain.  When I got to Tesco is was a biblical downpour, I was home by ten, and the rain eased off to a steady drizzle, which lasted all day.  So all the plans for outside jobs that I had lined up had to be shelved.  It was a bit of a dismal day, really, sitting around waiting for a break in the weather.

Today, by contrast, is beautiful - bright sunshine, a light hoar frost on everything, and the prospect (according to the lovely Behnaz on BBC Wales) of a dry and sunny day.  And, of course, I am working tonight, so I will need to spend part of the afternoon having a nap.  That's going to be difficult.

Today's question: with a dribbling weirdo leading Labour, a weak charlatan heading the Lib Dems, a pub bore heading UKIP, and an incompetent hippy heading the Greens, why aren't the Conservatives a million points ahead in the polls?  David Cameron looks the part, speaks well, and doesn't make many unforced errors, and superficially he should be streets ahead of the rest.  And yet, apparently, it's neck-and-neck.

To put it a slightly different way - if Cameron can't pull out a 20-point lead over the disaster that is Miliband, what use is he?

For those ignorant of the BBC Wales news team, here is Behnaz.  Just so you know.


  1. I have the same political sentiment here in the USA. I hope your voters make the best choice. Ms. Behnaz sure does make watching the news easy on the eyes!

  2. " I was up early, and it was a beautiful morning, so I got a plan together." was it:- pray for sunshine so I could pose in my new toy with the hood down on the way to Tesco?? ;-)

    Farage might be a 'pub bore', but ConLibDumps & Labour have both screwed the electorate; the Greenies are are commies on the inside, & the Raving Monster Looney Party at least have a name acceptable to the ASA.

    I'd like to believe Farage has his chance, 'cos a vote for any of the others simply gets Brussels-by-Proxy.

  3. Ahhh politics. How the mass of voters vote, always astounds. They say cream rises to the top, but when all choices are crap what then? Are they the cream of the crap?

  4. The current crop of crap MPs and wannabe MPs really disappoints...

  5. "..why aren't the Conservatives a million points ahead in the polls?"

    Followed by a piccie of a BBC news reader.

    I think you've answered your own question.


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