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Saturday, 12 May 2012

No brainer

While I was enjoying a fantastic ride with the XT500/Thumper Club (see previous post), a text from the lovely Jo (Secretary of the Triumph Owner's Club) inviegled its way into my telephonic inbox*.

She, and as many as respond to her textual solicitations, will be meeting in the West End cafe, Llandovery at 10 am tomorrow for breakfast, followed by a group ride at 11.30 to ... well, no-one has decided yet, but in that part of Wales you are spoilt for choice. The problem is, tomorrow is a work day, but I don't start until 9 pm.

Normally, I would give myself an easy day in preparation for a 12-hour night shift, starting with getting up as late as possible.  However, there are a number of contraindications to this:
  • The weather forecast is good
  • Jo is great company, as are the other members who are likely to turn up
  • A mega-breakfast on a Sunday is never a bad idea
  • I fitted a set of Michelin Pilot Road 2s to the Sprint on Friday, and they need to be scrubbed in.

I think I have a solution.  Get to Llandovery for 10 am, meet the guys, eat an artery-clogging fry-up, ride home again, and have a kip in the afternoon.  If the agreed route involves heading towards Aberystwyth, I will join them for the first part and then head home down the coast road.  120 miles (or more) of Welsh twistery should see the shine off the new tyres, and the breakfast should put a smile on my face.  Work can go hang.  I'll get through it.

* While I was on the Rosslare-Fishguard ferry last week, and on the Internet At Sea service, my phone's browser defaulted to Google Norway for no discernible reason.  For this I learned that the Norwegish for 'inbox' is 'innboks'.  This pleases me greatly.


  1. "And they need to be scrubbed in."

    Just you be careful, boyo! Mould release agent isn't very grippy...

  2. Yes indeed - hence the need for scrubbing in instead of getting the old knee down on the first corner :) Now the rear is a neat matt black to within 1/4" of the edges, which will do for a start.


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