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- George Washington

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Abysmal, I know

You have failed the practice citizenship test.

Questions answered correctly: 15 out of 24 (63%)

I'll be on the next boat out, Guv'nor.

Failed on:
  • ethnic make-up of immigrant groups in the 80s
  • missed year that women got the right to divorce by 18 years (it was 1857, if you must know)
  • thought children got free prescriptions (they do in Wales)
  • over-estimated the number of people under 19 in the UK by 1 million
  • over-estimated the % of Muslims in the UK by 1.5%
  • forgot Irish citizens can vote in UK elections
  • thought schools had to be open 200 days a year (it's 190)
  • thought children could work 10 hours a week (it's 12)
  • got the Council of Europe's name wrong.
Seriously, that test was hard. I doubt if more than 5% of the British population could pass it with full marks. And why all the questions on the EU?

Hat tip to Obnoxio.

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